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"So, why don't we go.."

I've been thinking a lot lately.. which probably isn't such a good thing when it comes to me, because I tend to "over-think" things but yea just about random things and my brain is like full of weird stuff right now that I don't want to get into.. so anyways I don't really know why I'm updating, because I'm not exciting and I haven't done anything exciting lately (lol).. but I went Thrift Store shopping today and i bought the COOLEST dress from like the 80's for $3.45... well actually my sister bought it for me, because i really wanted it and i was whining (lol). But i think I'm going to wear it to the prom next year.. or this year if i get asked.. HAHAHAH RIGHT!! like that will EVER happen.. but who knows.. i went last year and i totally didn't expect that. I do NOT wanna go to school tomorrow.. today was a Snow Day and it was awesome! It felt like the weekend. But tomorrow is Friday so its cool if we have school. plus i kinda wanna get these damn exams over with. I hate tests.. i freak out so bad and i don't even know why, I know the stuff but I'm just a loser and freeze on tests. But anyways I need a life REALLY .. ok well im going to go.. bye
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