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jumbled thoughts

Wow.. definitly been awhile since ive updated.. been really busy with family and school and friends i guess.. plus our computer was frecking screwed up from a damn worm.. thanks shaun for fixing it! There is like so much going on right now and for the first time it has nothing to do with me!.. i mean it sorta does because they are my friends and she is my sister but yea i didnt cause it this time!.. but ok im done being confusing now.. my sister got accepted to ODU.. which is so awesome.. considering that ill probably end up at TCC so props for her.. i mean at least one of us will be at a super school... but yea im actually ok right now, except for the fact that everytime i see my sister it makes me want to cry because i dont like to see her going through pain like this and not knowing what to do. "I feel your pain lauren!.. and i love you tons so talk to me if you need to" is all i can ever say because i really dont know what to say! But our lil group of friends always contains loads of drama that im not getting into at the moment.. but yea that certain someone that i was talking about liking b4 i've pretty much given up on that.. i mean he is always talking about other girls so w/e.. ill find someone new to crush over lol.. but in english i had to write a poem for the tsunami disaster in South Asia and i would post it up here but theres way too many ways for someone to steal it and like use my work that i spent TONS of time on, so yea if u wanna read it i'll let ya.. its really good.. i think.. and it almost makes me cry everytime i read it.. because its so terrible what happened to those ppl over there.. its just amazing how one day everything can be fine and the next over 100 thousand ppl are dead!.. i mean wow, its mind bogling! but i think im gonna go take a shower and eat something..
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