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my legs feel like jello!

ok well to start.. i just wanted to say that i think im finally getting over "you-know-who"..ok well today was really fun.. I hung out with Katelyn and Sara.. we went to the mall at about 11..(to buy our sluty halloween costumes).. sara went with $90.00 and left with $5.00... lol shes not very thrifty like me.. anyways.. i bought a pink and black halter top.. that im gonna have to stuff with tissues lol because of my lack of boobs!($5.50).. a black halter top(using it as a skirt)($1.50).. fishnets($2.50).. really big hoop ear rings($1.00) and blue eyeliner($1.00) and 10 items for $5 at icing.. (katelyn took 4 and i bought 6).. a watch..ring..necklace..lip gloss and 2 things of clips for my hair.. ok well we shopped for all our crap we needed.. ate lunch.. then went and bought Sara's fake boobs.. DONT ASK!... they are nice.. i wore them around her house.. i actually felt like i had bigger boobs lol.. we stayed at her house from like 4 till about 9 and tryed on our outfits for tomorrow and took funny pictures in them.. i feel extremely girly and sluty in mine.. im a "hooker princess".. katelyn is a "hooker business woman" and Sara is a "hooker kindergarden teacher" its wonderful.. yea ok.. well im tired.. and like i clearly stated b4.. my legs are like J-E-L-L-O!!.. so im hitting the sack.. gotta get up early and go to Sara's and prepare for 2morrow night and carve pumpkins..ok
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