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This past week has been pretty good i guess.. just easy school work and crap.. then on Friday i went to Busch Gardens after school with Lauren, Christie and Shaun.. and it was fun... except for the whole clown experiance.. (i hate clowns) and they made me go in a "Paranoid Demention" thingy where there were clowns everywhere. It wasnt fun.. but w/e yesterday i went to Kings Dominion with My mom, lauren, chrisie, erin, shaun, michael, kim, her daughter heather, heathers friend Marley, Sandy her kids Michael, Jessica and Nick and Michael's friend that i dont know his name but he looks like Jack Osbourne.! anywho. um it was really fun.. besides the fact that we only rode like 7 rides lol.. the lines were super long.. but i think me and michael were annoying my sister a bit with the constant kissing and hugging but w/e i dont care it hasnt been just me and him for awhile so we took advantage of it. But yea we picked the coldest day so far this year to go i think lol.. and their Halloween set up was gay as crap.. but i had fun cuz i was there with michael.. and then like all of us fell asleep on the way home it was funny.. i woke up and everyone that rode with us (lauren, christie, michael, shaun, and erin) were out.. and mom was talking to herself upfront to stay awake lol.. it was funny.. but yea im gonna go rest now cuz im tired.. Later Taters!
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