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oh my gosh.. im having the worst day ever.... no joke! Its like people dont even care if they are being total asses to other people they just say whatever the fuck they want.. even if it is gonna hurt somebody's feelings.. it really makes me mad..for example yesterday some girl in gym was like girl ur wearing blue shorts and a black jacket.. like i wasnt aware of what color i was wearing.. so when i said so.. she frecking got all pissed and started her whining black girl rage.. lord some ppl and their god damn drama.. and then all day 2day ppl were saying crap about my hair.. o.. "u should grow ur hair out again.. u look like a guy".. well FUCK YOU!.. i like it like this and thats all that matters.. personally i think its cuter short.. i dont have to deal with all the curls and putting it up all the time.. and 2day in gym we had practice for the mile.. and she said we could walk.. so of course i did.. i hate to run.. and im really really outa shape.. like people are always like but ur so skinny u cant be outa shape.. BULL SHIT!.. if u have asthma and u dont exercise ur legs... that is outa shape.. but like everyone was ahead of me.. i feel so dumb in gym.. i hate to run.. it makes me sad. and i have a frecking test in history 2morrow and a project due in there.. and i have a spanish test and a project due in biology.. so this is gonna be just DANDY!... watch out ppl im gonna be a bitch! o and i miss michael so much right now.. i hate not being able to hang out with him.. i dont realize how much i love him until hes not around.. it makes me sad.. and i feel like im gonna cry cuz ive had a horrible day.. and im sick of school.. and im sick of people and im just sick of EVERYTHING!.. i need a vacation.
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