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last night i went to help amber babysit at mrs becca's house.. and they werent home like the whole night so we had a huge house to ourselves.. it was nice.. we just caught up and talked and watched the baby or course.. and got online and talked to her friends jeremy and willie and a guy named ross that lives in Va. Beach.. CLOSE!! and he was really cute too.. and yea i might have to go meet him.. well with a LARGE group of friends just in case he is a rapist lol.. but he seemed really cool.. which is good.. but yea i talked to kriscelle and she is trying to hook me up with this guy named eric.. from what she says he is pretty cute and has a really nice body.. i just wish i could see him... but anywho i was up till 3:30 am and just got home so im gonna go.. sleep! or clean my room or something.. im leaving for richmond 2morrow.. we are going to kingsdominion for 2 days and staying in a hotel.. and im gonna see lots of hotties!! hehe.. wow ever since the whole matt thing.. i realized why i didnt see all the hot guys in the world.. cuz i guess i was so infatuated with matt.. and i still kinda am i think but i am trying to get him outa my head.. cuz its really really getting to me.. so ok im gonna go.. BYE~
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