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We'Re TaLkiNg 4EVER and I almost feel BetTeR.But bettersno ExCuSe for toNight

~Destination Beautiful~

28 September
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Yea.. this is a lil gay.. but i need something to do with all my free time.. so i guess this is all i could come up with.. so anyways yea.. read it and act like u care!
****(hehe), 50 first dates, 80's music, adam brody, adam sandler, afi, alanis morsette, all american rejects, anberlin, astrology, audioslave, avenged sevenfold, billy talent, blue, bologna song, bowling for soup, brand new, burnt cookies, carrots, chad michael murry, cheese, chevelle, chick-fil-a, chicken, chocolate chips, chris carabba, clowns(not scary ones, coheed and cambria, cold, comedeys, concerts, converse, copeland, dashboard confessional, dickens, diet coke, disturbed, dots, dreaming, eating, edgar allen poe, edward scissorhands, egg nog, emo, evenesence, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fire(pyro), flashlight brown, food network, fountains of wayne, french fries, frozen lemonade, further seems forever, glue, granola bars, hawaii, hi im tom, horror movies, hot guys, i cheese sandwich you, i sharted quote, inside jokes, italian food, jackass, jello, johnny depp, kisses, lint shavers, living, lost prophets, love, m&ms, magic shows, mailman clan, maroon 5, midgets, midtown, molly ringwald movies, moostashays, motion city sound track, movies, music, mystery, nirvana, noodles, one tree hill, pancakes, pepsi not coke, phantom planet, piller, pizza, playdoh, poptarts, pringles, rain, redheads, relaxing, rock-n-roll, rollercoasters, rooney, saves the day, screaming, sevendust, shane west, shinedown, singing, sixteen candles, skittles, sleep, slip knot, smile empty soul, snow, sobes, socks, socks and shoes(fetish), something corparate, sporks, squishy worm balls(lol), stars, sticky balloons, stupid humor, sugar, sum 41, summer, sunsets, switchfoot, system of a down, taking back sunday, the beach, the breakfast club, the dark, the hot chick, the incredibles(hilarious), the moon, the notebook, the oc, the starting line, the strokes, the used, the used(new stuff), the white stripes, tim burton, traveling, tsunami bombs, tyson ritter, vintage stuff, wakefield, weezer, yellow card