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Back To School.!!! ugh..

well actually it isnt that bad.. im having a really good time so far.. except the fact that i only have 1 class with michael.. but we will live.. plus its a lunch class so we have lunch 2gether.. my sister is in there too.. mike doesnt like her lol.. but yea.. um.. the teachers that i was scared about meeting were actually not 1/2 bad.. except english.. oMG! im gonna shoot myself.. i thougt she was gonna let me outa the whole summer reading shit.. but no.. she just gave me 2 more weeks to do it.. ugh.. what a bitch.. but lord there is just so much drama that comes along with school.. and i guess u dont really realize it until u leave and come back.. and then u are like gosh.. i did not miss this shit! like ppl not understanding each other.. and confusing ppl words.. but yea.. im not going into detail with that.. just know that it is all resolved.. but yea.. um.. im gonna go eat dinner now!.. ill update later this week or if something actually interesting happens.. i like to keep Melanie informed of what is happening at River lol..since she left us .. :(.. but she is going to KF.. which seems like a cool school.. idk.. but LATER! bye
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